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General Questions

SolarX has a network of highly trained sales representatives. You can contact us through our website, and we will connect you with a local expert in your area.

You will receive email and text notifications throughout your project to keep you updated on the latest status. Our customer success team is available to provide more detailed information and support. You can reach them quickly using the live chat bubble at the bottom right corner of the screen.

If you have trouble reaching your representative, you can contact SolarX Customer Success using the live chat bubble at the bottom right corner of the screen. Our team will be happy to assist you in contacting your representative or fulfilling any other needs.
Cancellation may be possible until the installation stage. For any questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Success team using the live chat bubble at the bottom right corner of the screen. However, once the panels are installed on your home, cancellation is no longer possible.
SolarX proudly offers a 60-day installation guarantee for qualifying projects. Upon approval of your final design, we guarantee that we will initiate the installation of your system within 60 days. If we fail to meet this guarantee, we will compensate you for a year’s worth of solar payments, up to $2000. While most projects are completed in under 30 days, please note that timelines can vary depending on project complexity, additional requirements such as re-roofs or battery installations, and permit processing times. Your sales representative will provide you with an accurate timeline based on your project’s specific needs. For any questions regarding timelines, feel free to reach out to our Customer Success team.

Site Survey and Design

If you need to make changes to your system, simply contact your SolarX sales representative, and in most cases, they can accommodate your requested changes.
The timeline for completing the design of your solar system after the site survey can vary depending on the complexity of your project. In general, designs can be completed within 24 to 72 hours, but some more complex projects may take up to a week.
SolarX designs your solar system by assessing your previous year’s kilowatt-hour usage, evaluating your future energy needs, and considering the efficiency of your roof. This analysis helps determine the number of solar panels required to offset your energy needs and maximize your savings.
During the site survey, a technician from SolarX will visit your home to take pictures of your roof, utility meters, and main electrical panel. If you have a tile roof, the surveyor may inspect underneath some tiles to assess the quality of the roof. In some cases, accessing the attic may be necessary to gather information about the spacing of rafters. It’s important to note that the site surveyors focus on collecting data and are not responsible for making judgments about the roof or electrical panel’s quality.
Yes, a utility bill is required for every SolarX project. The utility bill is used to verify your energy usage, gather necessary information for your interconnection application with your utility provider, and validate your address. It’s preferable to provide a recent utility bill for accurate assessment.
After the site survey, you will receive a final copy of your solar system design. Your SolarX sales representative can provide you with a copy of your sales proposal, which includes all the financing and payment details related to your project.
In some cases, SolarX may utilize the north-facing side of your roof to maximize the energy production from your solar system. Although this is uncommon, it can be economically beneficial in certain situations.
With SolarX, a no-backup battery storage option allows you to maximize savings by exporting excess energy back to the grid during peak times. It does not provide power during outages. Partial backup and whole home backup options store larger amounts of electricity and can power essential appliances during outages. The difference between them lies in the number of appliances available for use. Whole home backup is typically recommended, but in certain cases, a partial backup may suffice for specific homes.


In most cases, the final price remains the same. However, there may be instances where additional work is required during the site survey and design phase, which could affect the price. Rest assured, if any changes impact the price, you will have the opportunity to review and approve the updated price before the installation.
Yes, you will still have a utility bill. While solar power reduces your reliance on the grid, you remain connected to the utility for times when you require more electricity than your solar system generates. Your utility bill will indicate the power generated by your solar system and the power you may have used from the grid. Depending on your utility provider, any excess energy usage may be billed periodically or annually.

If you choose to own your solar system, you may qualify for up to a 30% tax credit from the federal government. It’s important to note that eligibility and the ability to claim the tax credit are subject to your individual tax situation. SolarX does not provide tax advice and recommends consulting a tax professional for personalized guidance. Additionally, SolarX may assist you in exploring other available incentives specific to your market. Please consult your sales representative for more information.

If you are making a full upfront payment, a $1000 deposit is due at signing. Subsequently, 90% of the remaining balance is due on the day of installation, with the final 10% payment due on the day of an approved inspection. If you choose a financing option, the first billing date may vary based on the finance provider. Most finance providers typically initiate billing within 60 to 90 days after the completion of your installation. For complete details, please contact SolarX’s Customer Success team or consult your sales representative.
For full upfront payments, you can pay via ACH (Automated Clearing House) or a virtual checking account. If you opt for financing, please consult your finance provider to determine the accepted payment methods for your monthly bills.

Homeowners Association

SolarX does not require HOA approval to move forward with the installation process. In the majority of the markets we serve, there are laws in place that protect your rights and ensure that HOAs cannot significantly hinder your ability to adopt solar energy. However, it is advisable to follow any local rules and regulations set by your HOA to avoid potential fines or conflicts with neighbors.
If you have obtained approval from your HOA, please promptly send the proof of approval to so that we can update your records accordingly.
In most areas where SolarX operates, there are legal provisions that prevent HOAs from unduly restricting your solar installation. If your HOA has denied your project, please contact SolarX’s Customer Success team. We will provide you with the necessary guidance and information to help address the situation and explore options to overcome the denial. In some cases, we may be able to make adjustments to your system design to meet your HOA’s requirements or assist you in appealing the decision.


Once we have obtained the necessary building permit and other approvals for your solar project, the SolarX scheduling team will contact you to discuss the earliest available installation date. Typically, installations are scheduled within two weeks from the scheduling date.
During the scheduling call, our team will provide you with all the necessary information on how to best prepare for the installation day.
SolarX will install various components, including solar panels, a mounting system, a conduit, an inverter, and any additional equipment you have chosen. The solar panels and racking system will be installed on the designated roof planes according to your solar system design. The inverter is usually installed near your existing electrical equipment and meters on the exterior of your home. The conduit will connect the solar panels to the inverter and other electrical components.
Our scheduling team will determine if your presence is required during the installation and inform you accordingly.
While we recommend finalizing the preferred location of your solar system before installation, there may be situations where adjustments are necessary based on the actual conditions of your home.
In most cases, our installation crews complete the work within 6 to 8 hours. In rare cases requiring multiple days, our scheduling team will inform you of the expected duration. If your installation extends beyond one day, our team will provide you with the next available date for completion.
After the solar system installation, we will schedule an inspection with the local city or town. Once the inspection is passed, we will obtain permission to operate from your utility provider. Upon approval, your solar system will be activated, and you can start saving money.


We aim to complete the inspection within 30 days of the installation being finished. However, inspection timelines can vary based on several factors. If changes are made during the installation, updating the building permit may be required, which can take a few weeks or even months depending on your location. If the initial inspection fails, the process may need to be repeated, leading to longer timelines. Our goal is to ensure your inspection is approved and your solar system is activated and generating electricity.
No specific action is needed from you for the inspection to take place.
Inspection timelines vary depending on the city or town. Generally, a SolarX technician will wait for the inspector to arrive, and the inspection itself usually takes around 30 minutes.
Once your inspection is approved, SolarX will proceed with the necessary steps to activate your solar system. The process may vary depending on your utility provider. For more details, please contact our Customer Success team.
Unfortunately, utility providers operate at their own pace. SolarX will follow up on your behalf until the process is completed.


Tier-one solar panels have undergone rigorous testing by multiple third-party entities to achieve recognition as industry-leading panels. SolarX exclusively offers top-of-the-line equipment, ensuring that any panel installed on your home meets the universally agreed-upon tier-one standards.

SolarEdge inverters offer several advantages over competitors:

  1. Max Efficiency: SolarEdge converts over 99% of solar energy into usable power, surpassing the competition’s average of around 97%.
  1. Seamless Integration: SolarEdge offers a range of products that can integrate smoothly with your solar system. SolarX includes Power Optimizers and System Monitoring with every solar system. You can also opt for a SolarEdge EV charger or Battery system, seamlessly integrating with their web application.
  2. Safe to Service: In case of any issues with your inverter, SolarEdge allows for ground-level servicing, eliminating the need for technicians to access your roof and minimizing potential roof damage.
A Power Optimizer enables each panel in your solar system to operate independently. If one panel malfunctions, the rest of the system will continue to function optimally.
SolarX utilizes industry-leading mounting equipment for every project. For most roof types, we employ the Unirac mounting system, known for its low profile, lightweight design that minimizes roof leaks and reduces the number of roof incisions needed for solar installation.
SolarX offers cutting-edge battery storage solutions. Our unique no-backup SolarEdge battery enables you to sell excess power back to the grid during peak times for maximum savings. Additionally, we provide Tesla Powerwall 2 and Franklin batteries, which not only offer the benefits of the SolarEdge battery but also provide backup power during outages.
Once your system is activated, you will have access to the SolarEdge web-based monitoring application, allowing you to monitor your solar system’s energy production for 25 years.
SolarX has partnered with reputable local roofing companies that prioritize customer experience and communication. If you require a new roof before installing solar, we will work with our partners to provide you with a competitive estimate.
In many cases, yes. However, different finance companies have varying rules regarding the inclusion of roof replacement costs alongside the solar system cost. Consult your SolarX representative to determine which finance companies allow for such inclusion and their specific limits.
If you experience any issues with the functionality of your solar system, please contact our Customer Success team immediately via the live chat bubble on the bottom right of the screen.
For urgent matters, the best way to reach us is through the live chat bubble at the bottom right corner of the screen. Our Customer Support team will promptly submit an urgent service ticket on your behalf to ensure a swift response.


Givepower is a charitable organization dedicated to providing solar energy to those in need. SolarX proudly donates to Givepower with every solar installation completed. Periodically, SolarX representatives join Givepower on trips to remote locations, installing solar systems for communities in need. Check out our latest videos from our Nepal expedition, and stay tuned for more information about our upcoming journey to Columbia.
Pearl Certification sets the standard for homes that excel in terms of comfort, energy efficiency, and overall quality. Pearl aims to provide homeowners with a certification similar to Carfax, verifying the work done by contractors. The certificate is transferable to new home buyers, assuring them of the quality of the installed solar system. SolarX is the largest residential solar installation company partnered with Pearl. As a SolarX customer, you will receive a Pearl certificate indicating that your solar system consists of high-quality materials and was installed by a reputable company.


SolarX offers an industry-leading performance guarantee with every solar system installation.
If SolarX makes incisions into your roof during the solar panel installation, we provide a 10-year warranty on the portion of the roof where the solar system is installed. In case of any leaks or issues related to the installation, SolarX will cover the cost of repairs.
SolarX provides a 25-year equipment warranty for solar panels and a 12-year warranty for inverters. These warranties cover any malfunction or defects in the equipment.
Yes, both the 25-year panel warranty and 12-year inverter warranty are transferable to the new homeowner. This transferability adds value to your home and assures potential buyers of the long-term benefits of the solar system.